Avtar Roopra

Position title: Associate Professor, Neuroscience

Email: asroopra@wisc.edu

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Roopra Lab

Research Summary:

Epigenetic mechanisms behind transcriptional regulation and chromatin structure in mammals

Research Detail:

My lab studies these topics using state-of-the-art bioinformatics, looking at whole genome expression profiles in cell lines, human cancer and epilepsy patient data. We combine this technique with classical biochemistry, pharmacology and physiology to generate novel strategies for discovery and translation. My lab has successfully generated gene signatures that are predictive of poor prognosis in a number of cancers and neurological disorders. Our in vitro, animal and biochemical work elucidates mechanisms that suggest treatment options for these diseases. This has been remarkably successful at generating novel drug targets in the domains of neuroscience and cancer biology. Long term, we propose to continue to evaluate the biology of this master transcriptional regulator, since it controls so much pathogenesis in both systems, and use it as a discovery tool for epigenetic and metabolic regulators of cancer and epilepsy.