Ted Golos

Position title: Professor, Comparative Biosciences

Email: golos@primate.wisc.edu

Phone: School of Veterinary Medicine

Lab Webpage:
Golos Lab

The Golos laboratory examines the questions of placental biology relevant to human health and disease.  We use nonhuman primate models in our studies.  Under this broad focus, research areas include

  • maternal-fetal immune dialogue in establishment of a healthy pregnancy, and protection of the fetus from bacterial and viral infection
  • IVF-derived primate embryos for genomic editing to generate animal models of human genetic diseases, and to model implantation and placental development.

Our studies of embryo/maternal interactions will lead to improved understanding of the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy, reasons for early pregnancy loss, and insights into the role(s) of the placenta in promoting fetal well-being.  Appropriate placental development underpins appropriate fetal growth as well as maternal health and well-being.  A detrimental intrauterine environment can profoundly affect postnatal physiology throughout the lifespan.