University of Wisconsin–Madison

Seminar Series

Our weekly seminar gives students the opportunity to practice presenting, learn about research in physiology, and learn about what others in the program are doing.  Students are required to present one seminar in this series annually and to attend the course regularly.  All faculty (especially committee members!), students, and postdocs are welcome!

Our seminars celebrate the array of fields that make-up Physiology; speakers are grouped together to represent these fields.  This year, the groups are, “Cancer;” “Organs & Muscles;” “Brain;” and “New Students.”

Meetings are on Thursdays, 4:00-5:00pm, 5571 WIMR II.  The classroom is at the end of the hallway.  The doorway to this wing can be locked.  Should you be interested in attending, please contact Shelley ( and she will ensure that you are able to enter the building.

The 2017-2018 PGTP 901 seminar schedule for the fall semester is outlined below.  Check back regularly for updates, including seminar titles!

Spring 2018 

January 25      Discussion and comparison of 2 readings
1- Cell Host & Microbe : Schroeder et al, ‘Bifidobacteria or Fiber protects against diet-induced microbiota-mediated colonic mucus deterioration’
2 – NYTimes : Carl Zimmer, ‘Fiber is Good for you. Now Scientists May know why’

February 1         Ting-Yu Chang
Cue Combination for  3D Surface Orientation Perception in Macaque Monkeys

February 8         Juliana Giacomini
Prefrontal control of accumbens and lateral hypothalamus in normal and pathological feeding

February 15     Caitlin Murphy
Modulation of thalamocortical and corticocortical synaptic responses by isoflurane.

February 22        Lin Lin
Functional connections within an isofrequency lamina

March 1          Katherine Scheuer
The contribution of parvalbumin interneurons and gap junctions to gamma oscillations

March 8          Steven Wiesner
Neural Mechanisms Underlying Motion-based Image Segmentation

March 15         Dr. Hector Valdivia, Director of the CVRC

March 22         Journal Club guided by Dr. Valdivia

March 29      ~~~~~ Spring Break~~~~~

April 5          Writing Workshop
Dr. Adityarup (RUP) Chakravorty, science writer for Waisman Center

April 12         Ray Doudlah
Using neuroimaging techniques to identify cortical connections

April 19
Carly Mickelson: Respiratory Neuroplasticity and Gestational Sleep Apnea

Lauren Schrader:

April 26          Program Evaluation

May 3           Woolsey Lecture

Fall 2017


September 7      Aurelia Faure
How does Epstein-Barr virus likely contribute to Primary Effusion Lymphomas?

September 14    Thejaswi Nagaraju
Understanding the temporal evolution of EBV lytic cycle

Organs and Muscles      

September 21    Dan Smelter
Central domains of cardiac myosin binding protein-C in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

September 28    Angela Greenman
Muscle Functional Properties in a Novel Model of Cancer Cachexia

October 5           Anna Kowalkowski
Intestinal atresias: a story of cell death and extracellular matrix changes

October  12        Katrina Carter
Does Obesity Impact Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow?

October  19        Joe Sepe
Exercise-Induced Cardioprotection against Ischemi-Reperfusion Injury

October 26         Kathleen Miller
Age and Sex Differences in Cerebrovascular Function

November 2       Kent Maclaughlin
Intermittent hyperoxia, cytokine expression and stem cell mobilization

November 9       Journal Club

November 16    Guest Speaker – Professor Eric Yen, Nutritional Sciences
Intestinal Tiracyglycerol Synthesis and Systemic Metabolism

23 Thanksgiving – No seminar


November 30    Vicki Tsao
Monitoring benzodiazepine-induced motions in GABA-A receptor inter-subunit transmembrane cavities

December 7       Yihe Ma
Unraveling Dentate Gyrus Circuitry using Hybrid Voltage Sensor (HVOS)