Seminar Series

Our weekly seminar gives students the opportunity to practice presenting, learn about research in physiology, and learn about what others in the program are doing.  Students are required to present one seminar in this series annually and to attend the course regularly.  All faculty (especially committee members!), students, and postdocs are welcome!

Our seminars celebrate the array of fields that make-up Physiology; speakers are grouped together to represent these fields.  This year, the groups are, “Cancer;” “Organs & Muscles;” “Brain;” and “New Students.”

Meetings are on Thursdays, 4:00-5:00pm, 5571 WIMR II.  The classroom is at the end of the hallway.  The doorway to this wing can be locked.  Should you be interested in attending, please contact Shelley ( and she will ensure that you are able to enter the building.

The Spring 2019 Physiology seminar schedule is outlined below.  Check back regularly for updates, including seminar titles!

Spring 2019       

Special topic
January 24           – Robert Fettiplace, guest speaker

January 31           – Robert Fettiplace, journal club

February 7           Ting-Yu Chang – Ari Rosenberg Lab, Neuroscience
Perceptual and neural representation of 3D surface

February 14        Ray Doudlah – Ari Rosenberg Lab, Neuroscience
Sensorimotor associations are mediated by choice activity

February 21        Steven Wiesner – Xin Huang Lab, Neuroscience
Understanding motion-based image segmentation in Macaque area MT

February 28        Kate Scheuer – Meyer Jackson Lab, Neuroscience
Role of gap junctions and parvalbumin-positive interneurons in cortical circuits

March 7                Yihe Ma – Meyer Jackson Lab, Neuroscience
Deciphering neural circuits with genetically-encoded voltage indicators

Organs / Muscles

March 14             Adam Corkery – Jill Barnes Lab, Kinesiology
Exercise Modality and Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation in Healthy Young Adults

March 21 ~~~~~ Spring Recess – No seminar~~~~~

March 28             Katrina Carter – William Schrage Lab, Kinesiology
Does Insulin Play a Role in Cerebrovascular Regulation?

April 4                   Anna Kowalkowski – Peter Nichol Lab, Surgery
Intestinal atresias: a story of cell death and extracellular matrix changes

April 11                 Carly Mickelson – Tracy Baker-Herman Lab, Comparative Biosciences
Respiratory Neuroplasticity and Maternal Sleep Apnea in Pregnancy

April 18                 Kathleen Miller – Jill Barnes Lab, Kinesiology
Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation in Humans

Nicole Eisenmann – Jill Barnes Lab, Kinesiology
Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity Responses to Hypercapnia

April 25                 Kent McLaughlin – Marlowe Eldridge Lab, Pediatrics
Intermittent Oxygen dose effect on Stem Cell Mobilization and Cytokine expression

May 2                    Woolsey Lecture