Our weekly seminar gives students the opportunity to practice presenting, learn about research in physiology, and learn about what others in the program are doing.  Students are required to present one seminar in this series annually and to attend the course regularly.  All faculty (ESPECIALLY committee members), students, and postdocs are welcome!

Our seminars celebrate the array of fields that make-up Physiology; speakers are grouped together to represent these fields.  This year, the groups are, “Cancer;” “Organs & Muscles;” “Brain;” and “New Students.”

Meetings are on Thursdays, 4:00-5:00pm, 5571 WIMR II.  The classroom is at the end of the hallway.  The doorway to this wing can be locked.  Should you be interested in attending, please contact Shelley ( and she will ensure that you are able to enter the building.

The 2017-2018 PGTP 901 seminar schedule for the fall semester is outlined below.  Check back regularly for updates, including seminar titles!

Date Speaker
September 7 Aurelia Faure
(William Sugden)
September 14 Thejaswi Nagaraju
(William Sugden)
Organs and Muscles
September 21 Dan Smelter
(Carter Ralphe)
September 28 Angela Greenman
October 5 Anna Kowalkowski
(Peter Nichol)
October 12 Katrina Carter
(William Schrage)
October 19 Joe Sepe
(Gary Diffee)
October 26 Kathleen Miller
November 2 Kent MacLaughlin
(Marlowe Eldridge)
November 9 Journal Club
November 16 Outside Speaker
November 23 No Class
Thanksgiving Holiday
November 30 Vicki Tsao
(Cindy Czajkowski)
December 7 Yihe Ma
(Meyer Jackson)

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