Student News & Milestones

Students, they are a-defending!

Three students defended this past academic year.  In addition, we could see three more defend by the time summer is complete.  Below are details of their defense to see what they are doing next; and stay tuned to see who are future graduates will be . . .

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our recent graduates!

Chen Ji

Lab of Xuelin Lou

“The Role of Phosphoinositide in Insulin Granule Exocytosis”

Chen had his defense on April 27th and was successful!  He is currently completing experiments and thesis edits before moving on for a role at NIH.

Laura Tetri

Lab of Marlowe Eldridge

“Early Developmental Exposure to hyperoxic Stress as a Risk Factor for Dysfunctional Skeletal Muscle Aerobic Metabolism and Metabolic Disease”

Laura successfully defended her work on April 19th.  An MD/PHD student, she will now be continuing the MD portion, having already begun her clinical rotations.

Jianbo Xiao

Lab of Xin Huang

“Neural Representation of Multiple Moving Features in Extrastriate Visual Cortical Area MT”

Jianbo’s defense was on December 8th and went splendidly.  Shortly following his defense, he accepted an offer from Chegg, a statistical analysis company in California and began working there in March.